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Streaming Video Games on Twitch

Twitch book cover

I wrote and published a little book back in August. It’s a very quick, introductory guide to using Twitch to stream video games. A Beginner’s Guide to Live-streaming Video Games is a quick, fun and realistic read for those looking to get into streaming and making it a career. So buy my book! Now! And tell all of your friends to buy my book. And tell them to tell THEIR friends to buy my book.

Look for other titles from me, coming very, very soon!




World of Warcraft: Legion Undersea Survey (World Quest)

I am directionally challenged in the game. Yes, I know. You probably thought I was just super amazing (totally kidding). Being directionally challenged does NOT help when you are attempting new quests and cannot “google” those quests. Well, here’s one that was a bit annoying to find: The Undersea Survey world quest, which is located in the center of Azurgale Bay in Suramar.

Objective: Find the the four pylons and activate them. Underwater. Deep underwater. Surrounded by overzealous Naga and friends. Oh! This quest gives 50 Nightfallen Reputation.

Northern Surveying Pylon Coordinates: 78.45, 56.55Northern Pylon Survey 1

Western Surveying Pylon Coordinates:74.48, 56.69Western Pylon Survey

Eastern Surveying Pylon  Coordinates: 79.54, 63.08Eastern Pylon Survey 1

Southern Surveying Pylon  Coordinates: *approximately* 80.06, 68.62, near a patting, named giant.Southern Pylon Survey 2

I’ll try to post coordinates on WoWhead. Happy questing!